For anyone who believes that Donald Trump has been attacked, punished or put upon by a deep state, fake news, or bunch of people trying to "take him down," have not been listening, reading or understand.

Donald trump would not be ruining this Country except for the interference of Russia. This is not hoax. It is no deep state. It is the absolute proven truth.

All one has to do is read the Mueller Report, the Steele Dossier they are almost duplicates as to who, what, where, when and why. These two men did not do these things together. Before Mueller was even appointed the FBI had an investigation into Russian interference going on as National Security Intelligence investigation, before all this came to light.

The only thing that is illegal here is the activities of trump and his constant obstructionist behavior, his budding up to Putin, basically believing him, against years and years of real Intelligence Agents from all over the World. This was not an isolated thing by some conspiracy deep state. This was Intelligence Agencies that gave us the same information they were picking up. Duly legally elected President? Seriously? He is in office because of his decades of money laundering and criminal activity with Putin.

Please read the Mueller report, there are ten proven instances of obstruction by trump. There are on going instances right now of trump obstructing duly authorized Congressional investigations.

Trump has decades of criminal and corrupt acts behind him. The Law Library here in Kings County can help you find cases for decades.

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Please research him, he is not a fit person to be Commander in Chief.

Also if you want a more clear, concise view of trump, try reading some of the books of former W.H. personal that have left because they were honest, had dignity, had respect for the rule of Law and protecting and defending the Constitution. Want more read the Moscow Project. You can find it online.

Education is a wonder thing.

Donna Cox


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