Trump pulling troops fro Syria without a clear exit strategy is risky and stupid. There are already reports of Kurdish people throwing rocks at US troops while leaving. These Kurds fought with American troops and helped guard ISIS prisoners. Many Kurds are forced to flew south because a border was remade and Trump dropped all tariffs on Turkey.

If you know anything about Afghan-Soveit war you would see that after America helped support Afghanistan defeat the Soviet Union, America left real quick and resulted in extremely dangerous terrorist groups to become extremely powerful in Afghanistan. Bin Laden hatred for America started after the Afghan-Sovei war. When you turn your back on allies who fought directly by your side you gain enemies.

Even republican Mitch McConnell openly criticized president Trump's decision and actions. Trump also lied about how many ISIS prisoners escaped. It's been reported around 100 have escaped and Trump claims it's only a handful. Donald Trump is a national security risk.

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Chad Draxler


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