The city spent $96,000.00 on a Park Survey so I challenged them to spend the same amount for a study to determine if our manpower in Public Safety (Police and Fire) is up to par, I’m pretty sure it fell on deaf ears. We have four officers on school duty 9 months out of the year and I think we should count only 25% of them in our count of officers (all four should be counted as 1). The Police Chief says the marijuana companies will require officers to control them, he says those companies will pay us for them but it’s going to be a strand on our department for sure.

We build a new Fire Station and I’d like to see what a study would tell us about how many Firefighters we should have at each station. Three of the guys going to the academy didn’t finish, hopefully three others will. In June of 2016 Russ Curry suggested hiring one new fireman that year and one the next year, all five members (Mendes, Pannett, Ayers, Ramirez and Curry) agreed, it was NEVER done. I honestly think we need more Cops and more Firefighters.

Skip Athey

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