I agree with the letter that "Congress has certain duties under the constitution." However, we have a crisis at the border (among other problems) and congress refuses to "do their duty" and address it.

Our congressmen and representatives have a 20 percent approval rating. That's an 80 percent disapproval rating. Why would anyone of sound mind vote for any of them for President when they are failing at their jobs now?

Pres. Trump was right about the spying on him and his family and right that the higher ranks of the FBI were involved. As for respect for our country, Pres. Trump is much more respectful of our flag, country, and laws than the "4 American citizen women," who have socialist beliefs and socialist agenda, and would like to change our constitution and laws!

Pres. Trumps' exact words were, once again, taken out of context; but he did say "if you don't like it here go back to your own country." I agree! We all want happy citizens here. Not people filled with hate and discontent.

My parents immigrated legally. They were on a waiting list. Before coming here they had to have a sponsor who would vouch for them. They also had to have a job lined up. When they got here, they had to learn English and work toward their citizenship. Our whole family worked for everything we got. We never had "free health care" or public assistance. I remember how very proud my father was to be american. (and grateful!!)

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I totally understand Pres. Trump's defense and respect for our American values and beliefs and his desire to protect them. That is why he is so supportive of ALL law enforcement (including FBI) and our military. It's very sad that there has been so much "hatred and vile behavior" aimed at the President and his family.

Lastly and sadly, there are many people in our country who, when you don't agree with them, automatically call you a racist! Why? Because they have no other reasonable or intelligent argument. 

H. Mary Leal


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