“The truth will set you free.” Mr. C. Draxler, 12 November Sentinel letter, would have us believe Government is innocent. Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Climate Change” potions and wind are the evil fire causes. Name-calling me offer zero toward limiting forest fires.

Who shut off the power? Who decided forests full of burnable material was smart? Who decided responsible logging, wouldn’t preserve beloved forests? Who decided financially supporting politicians was better than responsible management? Politicians and their pals!

The.Newsom’s got roughly $700,000 PG&E dollars toward his political campaigns, ballot initiatives, and installation party. PG&E records over twenty years show Newsom got about $227K toward political campaigns. PG&E funded $25K toward Newsom’s mayoral celebration, another $25K to his ballot measures. PG&E employees added $70K. Ms. Newsom’s foundation/Sundance movie projects got $358K (Washington Post 11/11/2019). Newsom’s spokesman, N. Ballard, sits on Ms. Newsom’s non-profit board.

Elected Timothy Grayson and Jerry Brown returned PG&E money. A full PG&E donation to politician’s report would be staggering. Newsom’s returned no PG&E funds but doesn’t now take PG&E money (Washington Post-11/11/2019). How pure now! Do Leopards change their spots?

If “Climate Change” guilt is needed, scientists must examine major climate parts and the Sun’s influence. Weather relationships for clouds, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, windstorms, floods, droughts, lightening, and snow aren’t well understood and are modeled poorly (Gregory Wrightstone “Inconvenient Facts”/Dr. Roy Spenser, NASA Satellite Climate System/University of Alabama Climate Scientist).

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Not much scientific truth comes when government dollars demand “Climate Change” proofs. Likewise, not much citizen fire security comes from a politicized PUC overseeing PG&E, elected financial scheming, and irrational green politics in government.

I just spent two weeks in Utah’s unspoiled forests. Fires are watched when burning using technology to manage and react. Only San Diego Consolidated acted to use similar technology, certainly not our “wise” State governance.

There is no rational nor balanced input in California governance. Common-sense suggested by my moderate Democrat father apparently isn’t acceptable. Then again, “if you don’t believe in God, you will believe in anything” which is what runs California today.

Gary Smith


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