Again in San Jose we are seeing the results of politicians trying to enforce gun control laws that punish the law abiding citizen. The Mayor wants to pass a bill that legal gun owners have to buy insurance, to protect the public against criminals who might steal their weapons and injure others.

Please explain how that makes sense?

Again it is gun laws made to hurt legal law abiding citizens, with out addressing the cause of the problem which is the criminal.

People need to grasp the idea that dictatorships start by disarming the people, then when they are defenseless silencing them. Read history. Look at Russia, Cuba, Iran, North Korea. That is people control, the results of disarming the citizenry.

The Founders fought this battle. They were suppressed by a far away ruler that violated every human right they had. They gave us the solution the 1st Amendment so we could speak up and protect ourselves from a corrupt government. They gave us the 2nd Amendment so we had the ability to protect that right; and in that Amendment gave us the right as a Nation to have a standing Military. It was Militia then Military now. This was for the use of the Government to protect us from foreign invasion. A little Constitutional history lesson.

It is not about safety for the citizens with politicians it is about getting votes.

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If there was ever a time and place when we need to have those 2 amendments it is now, against one of the most corrupt and lawless administrations in American history.

I keep asking please explain how restricting the gun laws against law abiding citizens stops criminals.

I have never gotten an answer because the answer is that it does nothing except make good citizens victims.

Donna Cox


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