Ludwig von Mises informs why Marxism’s twin brothers, Socialism and Communism, will fail. All the materials of production – raw materials, labor, tools and machinery – are owned by the Government, not individuals. Control is exerted by planners; market prices are not driven through purchaser’s actions but government’s best guess.

Every Marxist-based nation has become a tyranny, i.e. U.S.S.R., North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela. The Democrat fantasy is we are to believe their Marxist-based processes would:

• Decrease the impact of money on politics;

• Cultural, race and gender inequality would magically disappear;

• Price fixing would vanish;

• Income equality would magically arise;

• Economic cycles, inflation and recession, would vanish;

• Un-needed goods and services would disappear - only socially valuable products would be forthcoming;

• Land/labor resources become more efficiently used, and;

• Mining, oil, resources and industry are effectively controlled from mismanagement.

What a fantasy! Marxist impacts above result from current government intrusions. Our economy is rife with government intervention; not an economy left to freely determine economic outcomes. No industry is exempt from intensive yet ineffective regulation or government direction. Government bureaucracy regulations reflect a “planned Marxist economy”. Simplistically, the U.S. departs from a ‘free market’ when:

• Congress and its candidates continue to spend beyond its means;

• Bureaucracies manage funds, finance and function in lieu of the self-balancing system envisioned in our founding;

• The Food and Drug Administration, Federal Trade Commission and Fair Labor Board, and nine other unelected agencies subsume “free markets” under government micromanagement.

Von Mises wrote “Every step that takes us away from private ownership of the means of production and from the use of money also takes us away from rational economics.” Private markets, unfetter by government, solve problems as owners calculate various economic factors and buy, sell, and trade in response to supply and demand mechanisms.

We are the envy of the world. People clamor to enter this nation. These people seem to understand more about our economic benefit potential than citizens residing inside our borders. Sadly, self-destruction isn’t so evident! Wake up!

Gary Smith


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