A few months ago I contacted the Hanford Street Department. I was asking about the needed repair of the railroad crossing on West Cameron Street. It is a terrible rough crossing. I was informed they can do nothing to repair. It is up to the Railroad and they claim to Hanford Street department that Santa Fe has only one repair crew to maintain all crossing from Bakersfield to Sacramento. I would have laughed at it had it not be so seriously important to me and our community. I cannot accept that as a real truth. Surely someone has a final say besides the railroad!

Now I am also disturbed about the overall condition of our streets. In the last two years they have had a slurry solution applied to many of our streets. A method of preserving what is there. I noticed this application did not meet specification and the applying company had to come back and do a reapplication to many of the intersections. One of the workers told me it was because it was not done correctly the first time and they had to come back and do an intersection touch up. 

Apply slurry is no doubt a good preserving application. It does nothing to repair all the chuck-holes which are a major problem for the traveling public. Then you have all these man-holes in the streets that are a couple inches lower than the road itself. I do not understand why all these man-holes have to become chuck-holes. Why are these man-hole drains not raised when they redo the street surfaces? Therefore eliminating these major Chuck-holes.

My opinion is our city leaders are not doing there job when it comes to street maintenance as well as street repairs.

Surely the next higher level of officials in the state or for that matter the National Government. Surely they have yet some control about railroad crossing in America. I hate to think that our National Government has sold out to the Railroads in America. It seems all they know how to do is spend tax payers money!!

Tim Atkinson


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