Donna Cox, your letter to the editor on 8-20-19 was a response to my previous letter to the editor, and I appreciate your passion!

But you seriously cannot be saying that one of the reasons we need the 2nd amendment is so that the citizenry can take up arms against a tyrannical president, like Trump. I can't even visualize how that would occur in today's world. A group of armed teachers, farmers, and businessmen storming the white house? A neighborhood group plotting and fulfilling the assassination of the President? This is just not practical in the 21st century, which is one of the reasons I said the 2nd Amendment is outdated.

Donna, you mentioned the Federalist Papers as proof that we need the 2nd Amendment to protect ourselves from tyrannical presidents. Although the basic concepts and ideas of the Federalist Papers are true, those ideas need to be interpreted and properly applied to the present. Back in the late 1700's there were also respected intellectuals who wrote very convincing papers about how Blacks are ignorant and should remain in slavery, and how women ought to be subservient to their husbands, along with many other social subjects that have no place in today's society. Arming ourselves to overthrow a tyrannical president also fits in this category.

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I totally agree with you that Trump is "violating the Constitution" and is a "violent, incompetent, vengeful, hate-spouting psychopath." But we have two other branches of government that have equal power to the President, and a system of checks and balances that work very well. There are ways of getting Trump out of office, via impeachment or the upcoming 2020 election. Taking up arms against Trump is not one of them and is, quite frankly, a bit wacky!

Roger Wong


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