Dear Roads Division , Hanford Ca

I was googling stuff and came across a patent (now expired) of an invention by Ronald D Vollmar back in the 70's for raising the level of manhole covers . Works like this ; #1 cut the pavement away from around the cover #2 raise the ring and cover to it's new elevation and place shims #3 place a car tire inner tube inside the storm drain cone and rim of cover and inflate #4 pour concrete of appropriate density into the outer cavity until void is filled . The weight of the concrete will flatten out the outer curve of the tube into a flat surface (without leaving jagged edges)

Cheaper , less time consuming , etc , etc .

Now the patent article goes on to say a whole bunch of stuff about manhole covers not properly adjusted leading to giant "Holes " in the pavement and "Bumps" damaging cars and bicycles . Basically costing taxpayers even more paying for lawsuits against the city for damages by private citizens from town and out of town etc.

It's a very straightforward article describing the old costly way of properly leveling city sewer and storm drain manhole covers and this new invention of using an automobile tire inner tube . Google Patents . [side note] Using the California transparency website for kings county is one way of finding funds . Thank You.

Rusty Shackleford


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