Letter to the Editor: Man hole Covers & High School Crossings

Letter to the Editor: Man hole Covers & High School Crossings

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I would just like to thank the City of Hanford for the great job they're doing on raising all of the 'Water Main' 'Sewage' and 'Storm Drain' covers up and down 10th ave and elsewhere . It's a good feeling driving down smooth roads . Thank You . Now then . . . .

High School Crossings

Everyone knows how important it is to slow down to 25 mph and allow students the right of way before and after school at these cross walks . Grangeville blvd in particular , is a very busy street . Hanford has really grown in population [and] vehicles . But . . . . . We don't use crossing guards for high school students . It would be an insult to them , they're young adults . Now where would the responsibility fall for teaching young adults "Courtesy" and "Civic Harmony" ? The coaches ? Math teachers ? Arts ? Band ? Who explains to youngsters that by allowing some give and take in the community _______ like at the cross walks , busy traffic and hoards of students can coordinate , thereby creating a smooth flow . I don't know . But I'm thinking it starts with the parents , heads on over to the school and period after period after period , teacher by teacher , peer by peer by , each young adult becomes a grownup [with] the community in mind . And common courtesy a goal.

Russell Upsumgrub


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