Lemoore City is past exploring Cannabis (Marijuana) Sales, Cultivation, Distribution and Dispensaries into Lemoore. On 28 May City Planning Commission adopted Municipal Code Title 4 and 9 changes to authorize licensing and sale in zoning locations: downtown, drive-up, Mixed use Retail & Residential, Neighborhood Eating & Drinking establishments, Commercial/Cultivation Light Industry locations, and Heavy Industry locations.

One person protested Planning Commission acceptance of Marijuana in Lemoore.; it wasn't well advertised.

A Marijuana Lawyer from Fresno - Planning Commission and City Manager validated just wonderful idea since they had visited Coalinga and, more predominately, Woodlake’s growth and downtown restoration attributed to its Marijuana sales enactment. Woodlake has taken in ½ million in taxes with generous donations to the city schools by the Marijuana operators.

The City Manager promised dedicated and vigorous assessment of any Cannabis seller, a contractual relationship but loaded on police for monitoring on-site, auditing, and through CA software. How could that go wrong? Lemoore website reflects 42 police officers: 4 Command, 6 School/Community, 27 Patrol, 5 Reserve. Cannabis tax offers adding a LT, CSO and Fire officer. Government police agency assessment suggests Lemoore’s population is 10 short! With passage of Cannabis sales misdemeanor’s officers must prosecute can only increase. The promise: Municipal code will protect us. Really!

There might be trouble squaring Lemoore’s City Official’s optimism given Cannabis (Marijuana) history in Colorado, Oregon and Washington’s darker picture:

• Colorado school systems indicated a general drug problem; then Cannabis added a 45 percent problem increase.

• Colorado fatal accidents/crashes up 145 percent.

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• Colorado ‘under influence’ driving arrests increased 12 percent.

• Oregon’s Cannabis testing has raised pesticide contamination issues.

• Oregon’s ‘over-supply’ is an economic and inventory nightmare, impacting state revenue and sending growers to the Black Market.

The quality of Life is important to Lemoore's citizens. The city wasn’t forthcoming in addressing Cannabis so citizens can engage. Doing it at a City Planning Meeting attended by 13 people, 8 of whom are city employees/Commission members, isn’t being honest and above board – it’s being “sneaky” (my opinion).

Gary Smith


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