It is amazing to me, a resident and voter of Kings County, that we elect men and women to represent us in our CA government who don't represent us: instead they represent their own agenda and special interest groups. If the voting population in Kings County is made up of a majority of conservative, pro-life voters (which I believe it does), my question to Senator Hurtado is: “Why, Senator Hurtado, did you vote yes on a bill (SB 24) (which would mandate public university campuses to distribute chemical abortion pills from their campus health centers) when a majority of your constituency would not support such a bill? (Assemblymember Salas, on the other hand, represented the majority of Kings County voters wonderfully last legislative season when he opposed SB 320 which was basically the same bill.)

It also amazes me how easy it can be to become a senator or assemblymember in CA. Senator Hurtado, for example, served two years on the Sanger city council before acquiring a seat on the state senate because of people like you and me who believed she would represent us well.

It also amazes me that the freedom of speech and press still exist in our country for which I am grateful: we can make it clear to our representatives just how we would like them to be representing us and not themselves or special interest groups. Feel free to stop by Senator Hurtado's and Assemblymember Salas' office at the old courthouse in Hanford (suites 205 & 201) to let them know where you stand, as one of their constituents, on the abortion issue and ask them to represent you faithfully in this area, and, if not, consider casting your vote for better representation the next time around.

In a nutshell: a woman runs for office, takes control, does whatever she wants, and we put up little or no resistance. This amazes me! As friend Chonda Pierce would say: “We're going to hell in a handbasket!”

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SB 24 will be up for an assembly vote before we know it.

Debra Bridgford


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