Before the public hearings took place, Adam Shift and other Dems questioned all their potential witnesses in closed sessions - with attorneys. Then they selected only the witnesses who would advance their cause, to testify in public. The so-called "whistleblower" (in reality a leaker) never came forward to testify. Wasn't the whole "inquiry" based on the "whistleblower's" second-hand information?

Adam Shift said her knew the "whistleblower", now he doesn't. 

The "weak defense"? The republicans were not allowed attorney's, not allowed to read transcripts of witnesses, not allowed to call their own witnesses, and were only allowed to ask certain questions.

This whole this was a "kangaroo court" run by Dems who swore from day one to impeach this President and that is what they spend a majority of their time on instead of doing the important work we are paying them for.

Mary Joan Leal


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