The recent ICE raid at Koch Foods, Inc. in Mississippi was cruel, inhumane, and totally unnecessary. Here's what it accomplished:

1. It separated hundreds of children from their parents, and left them terrified and broken. Trump evidently had no plans for dealing with these lost children, most of which are American citizens.

2. It caused disruption and financial loss to Koch Foods, Inc., something Trump can undoubtedly understand.

3. It fostered continual fear among our immigrant population, most of whom are hard-working, tax paying, positive contributors to America.

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Trump has absolutely no conscience, no empathy for others, and no moral values, except as it applies to himself and his money. I'm fed up with his words and actions, and all the hurt he has caused millions of people.

Trump's election in 2016 was an anomaly, for sure. But if he's reelected in 2020, the strength of mind of our citizenry is highly questionable. Four more years of Trump will definitely cause major damage to our country and have long lasting negative affects towards our future.

Roger Wong


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