House Democrats finally followed through on a promise. Before President Trump was even elected, they promised to impeach. They promised hyper-partisanship and allegiance to party leaders. Representative TJ Cox is just another blind follower to his party as revealed by voting to impeach Wednesday evening.

TJ Cox promised water for the Central Valley, affordable healthcare, solutions for the struggling dairy industry. However, during his first year in office, aside from managing a series of lawsuits against him and ethical mishaps, all he has followed through on is participating in a witch hunt. Nancy Pelosi demanded; TJ Cox answered the call. Considering all the scandal in his own life—lawsuits for blocking young girls with disabilities from using his skating facility, tax evasion, non-ethical spending audits, etc.—it's surprising he had time for even this single “accomplishment.”

It is clearer than ever where TJ Cox’s loyalty lies, and it’s not with the Central Valley. I guess this is what we get for electing someone who has never been involved in our community, faced our struggles, or even lived in the Central Valley.

Richard Tipton


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