It amazes me to that such a bill is under consideration , and/or is forced on college campuses . Really though ? I was under the assumption that a student could barely request an aspirin , let alone an abortion pill . Seems I've read that students couldn't get an inhaler from a nurses office during an asthma attack .

This situation makes me wonder if such a bill was written to cause a big war , once again .

What puzzles me on the other hand is this ; If the whole "Pro-Life" community were actively seeking to adopt all of these parentless new born babies , then their/your movement , your cause of course absolutely makes sense . Before I continue let me ask you , Is that the case ? I don't know because I've never heard a public outcry of "Please don't abort these babies because all of us "Pro- lifers" want them"

Maybe I'm misinformed , maybe this is the exact reason why 100's of 1000's of you are so adamantly against "Women of legal age ending a pregnancy before it's too late" I'm sure that if the "Right To Life" side of this literally had every intention of taking over the raising and nurturing of these innocent babies ____came forward and announced that this is what they're all about . There would be so much more respect , all of you would be revered , and there would be no more public displays of hatred and anger and contempt on either side . And these brand new God given miracles WOULD have a life.

Gary Schraa


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