Letter to the Editor: Dragonflies And Coronavirus

Letter to the Editor: Dragonflies And Coronavirus

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In Central California along the 99 and I-5 corridors wherever big and small towns (with) rural back roads , farms , and agriculture ___dragonflies don't exist .

They never stood a chance .

Big cars with big windshields , huge bumpers , radiator grilles and large flat headlights , obliterated them .

Not to be out done , Butterflies and moths being caterpillars first were squashed under our big tires . It is a bleak biodiversity we have here .

Birds and bats have left the area . There are less frogs , less snakes , prairie dogs horned toads and lizards .

If there is anything we humans are really good at _____It's eradicating other species . I am confident we will eradicate the Coronavirus as well because . . . . It doesn't stand a chance . We're good at this .

Jack Skwatt


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