After observing the political climate the past few years, and watching Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress on Wednesday, 7-24-19, I've become very discouraged about the future of our great country.

Democrats and Republicans are obviously living in two different realities. There's a "truth" somewhere between the two, but exposing that truth is unfortunately colored by one's political affiliations.

To Trump supporters, everything he says and does is correct. And they will twist the facts to rationalize this. To others, everything Trump says and does is wrong, and they will do the same to make their point.

It's almost like it is 1865 where the North and South couldn't see eye to eye on anything. As a result, the Civil War occurred which came very close to tearing the nation apart.

As Americans, we need to come together and move forward with the truth firmly in our hands. And the truth is that Trump has accomplished some very good things for our country, like passing a prison reform bill and keeping our economy strong. I'd like to see more Democrats admit this.

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It's also true that Trump is a racist, compulsive liar, misogynist, sexual assaulter, and ultra-narcissist. Unfortunately, there's plenty of evidence to prove these things to be true. And it would be refreshing to hear Trump supporters admit this.

The bottom line is that our country is slowly being torn apart, and I'm afraid of what might happen in the near future. Let's recognize and covet the truth. This is what will continue to make our country great.

Roger Wong


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