Dear Citizens:

I am particularly disappointed with Lemoore City conduct at the 2ND Reading of the Lemoore Cannabis Regulation, reviewable on-line at Lemoore City website.

One responsible citizen questioned financial information and research done. Four spoke against; two spoke for it. The problem arises with those who spoke for it. More spoke “against it” than “for it”.

I am concerned City Council and “appointed” do not follow, nay read, City Regulations. By my reading of Lemoore City Council Rules of Procedures, Chapter 3, item G (b) (4-17-2018), Mr. Ron Meade-Planning Commissioner, who spoke for it, was out of order. Mr. Meade was not eligible to speak based on Chapter 3 "Boards and Commissioners Conduct” as he was 'INFLUENCING" the Council, an action not regulated against. Surely every Council Member is cognizant of “influence”! Does Lemoore ever follow its own regulations?

Where was the City Lawyer? No Council Member stopped Commissioner Meade. One would think the City Lawyer has a responsibility to ensure compliance to City Regulations and proper order, including “out of order” individuals. Upon some examination, why was no one acting on Lemoore Cities “Rosenberg’s Rules of Order” which would note an “out of order” person – but maybe no one trains on that either. Is there a “good old boys’ network” alive an functioning in this meeting?

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Sadly, once again, the basis for Cannabis in Lemoore is Woodlake - one main street and 7700 people. Woodlake, a city promised $700,000.00 by their Cannabis Agency; yet, only producing $219,000.00 (Local News Report). I find it difficult that Woodlake Government would be candid with Lemoore Government. In fact, as a Lemoore supplier, it would reduce its own sales should Lemoore become a Cannabis center. Economically, and from a business perspective, the Cannabis pie can only be sliced so thin as every city becomes a supplier.

Suspiciously, Woodlake's city improvement coordinated through a 1 PERCENT SALES TAX enacted at the same time Cannabis was approved. But Lemoore City Government never mentions that part.

Gary Smith


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