The Democrats my father supported advocated a strong national defense, strong economy and citizen security. How far current federal and local Democrats have drifted from those principles. Citing Thomas Paine’s admonition that “The times have found us”, “woke” Democrats aren’t inventing what the Founder’s Constitution created; they are destroying it and your freedom.

Visibly they sow division, discord, advocate Socialism, opposed war but support nation building, track citizens through illicit State and Justice Department means, support fair trade but oppose MCA structure, and O.K. family members benefiting from their office, e.g., Tony Rodham, Hunter Biden, ex-CPUC Picker.

Federal Democrats or California Democrats have destroyed to satisfy their need to control:

• Kings County Supervisors “Legislative Statement” endorses Prop 13 protections reduction to a 55% vote level;

• Northern CA dams destroyed; power for the grid vanishes;

• State nuclear and coal fired power plants destroyed; grid power vanishes and insufficient “green energy” sources hazard the grid, causing power purchases from other states;

• Roads are ‘cosmetically slurried’; the holes lie just below the surface and are rapidly being exposed as traffic rolls over road re-surface;

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• Sanctuary cities care for illegal aliens, funded by citizen taxpayers who are given no choice;

• Community Choice Aggregation program, i.e. Marin Energy, Sonoma and Peninsula Clean Power, utilizes PG&E lines providing both regular and green energy, all over the same power circuit; and

• Medicinal and recreational Cannabis business is hyped as ‘financial salvation’; we don’t examine Colorado, Oregon’s or local social services professionals for the down-side of a product whose THC potency increased six-fold over 1960’s Cannabis.

PG&E and its manager, California Public Utilities Commission, rife with San Onofre Plant shutdown mismanagement corruption and San Bruno Gas chaos, bungle power shutdown in California due to no preparation or process drills.

Thomas Paine also stated “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it” and “a body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.” Send some trustworthy, ethical and honest legislators to Sacramento!

Gary Smith


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