Letter to the Editor: Dear Mr. Wong

Letter to the Editor: Dear Mr. Wong

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Dear Mr. Wong:

Your courteous reply is appreciated and acknowledged.

Roger, you seem to be missing why Trump was elected. Conservatives, without a voice for the last 40 years, elected someone who wasn’t afraid of media or the corrupt swamp; unafraid to admit shipping labor overseas was stupid; demanded that U.N.’s 180 nations pay their fair share; and, is against the U.S. being the world’s chew toy.

You live in a nation where votes from people are treated as currency for a corrupt politic. And such is accepted. Where is your outrage at “ballot harvesting”? Where is your outrage at constant war? Where is your outrage at murdering children for the sport of sexual pleasure? We are killing off generations and importing taxpayers. Where in the constant dishonesty, insider trading, corrupt self-serving bargains in Washington D.C.’s elected is your outrage? Where in the murder rates of major cities is your outrage? Only President Trump is the target – how pathetic.

The U.S. elections of 1800, 1824, 1828, 1860…down to the current era demonstrate an evil in the character of Presidents that occupy the office. Human perfection isn’t and never will be in them, or any elected for that matter. This “admiration” fable you offer is bankrupt.

As to supporting a Republican. When a Conservative, fiscally responsible, small-government, Constitutionally driven one stands up – I do support them. In D.C., they are few and far between. The Democrat party has none!

Regardless of how much you rationalize behavior between good and bad, evil persists. Good men must step up and do something besides complain.

We received in our founding the best chance of stopping human ruin the prior 7000-year rampage of Kings, Princes and ruthless tyrants demonstrated. If one understands the reasons for citizen displeasure listed clearly in the Declaration, nothing has really changed as our Constitution is degraded over the past 90 years by Progressive, secular based, liberty destroying ideas, implemented but never evaluated.

Until then, we agree to disagree. I will pray for grace and mercy found in Galatians 5:22-23 to become yours.

Gary Smith


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