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As a frequent traveler between Visalia and the Central Coast (along Hwy 198 and 41), I have come to admire the rural charm of Kings County, with its beautiful agricultural vistas and rolling pastures in the coastal hills.

Unfortunately, in recent years, the view has been marred by an increasing number of advertising signs (especially along Highway 198) for everything from small engine repair, to tacos and tattoos, to warnings about going to Hell. Are these signs legal? I have to believe they are in violation of the zoning code. These highways are Kings County’s “front door” to the world, and the “porch” is looking increasingly junky with this signage.

By the way, kudos to the City of Lemoore for the extensive landscaping and greenery along Highway 198 (though I have to say the Lemoore Speedway on 41 is a visual shock – how about some oleanders to screen that?). Also, the County should consider some kind of beautification along 41 through Kettleman City (the actual town, not the highway commercial area). This is a major gateway to the County - something simple like planting trees next to the highway, or ranch-style fencing would make a grand entry to the County of Kings!

Karl Schoettler


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