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I was writing this letter to address social issues many people may not know about. Corporations are everywhere in the world. We may not pay much attention to them; however, they make up more than 25 percent of the world’s total gross domestic product, according to Charles Derber in the Wilding of America.

There is a deficiency in the knowledge of how strong corporations can be. They carry the same rights as individuals carry. They have no restraints on campaign contributions, no warrant-less seizures and people lose their freedom of speech and freedom of association including other Bill of Rights protections when on corporate property, as mentioned by James Allison in A Corporate Personhood Resolution. Corporations should not have the same amendment rights as individuals, because they are not an individual person. A big organization should not be treated like one individual person, it interrupts the rights of citizens to govern.

The purpose of the letter is to bring the issue to light and create a discussion about the power of corporations in our world. If more people know about the corruptible powers of corporations, we may be able to change some laws around for the good of the people.

Elena Espinoza,


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