On December 12, Congressman TJ Cox proved again his partisan, out of touch agenda as he joined House Democrats in threatening the medical treatment of countless Americans. Rather than consider a bi-partisan prescription drug bill that would support the search for new cures and superior treatments, Cox sided with far-left Democrats to hinder necessary, basic medical research.

During TJ Cox’s tenure as a Congressman, he has been unable to provide the healthcare cost relief his constituents need. It’s disappointing when our representative in DC chooses partisan politics over service to his constituents. It’s infuriating when this choice leaves those suffering from the worst diseases and ailments without hope for a cure or refined treatment.

The Nancy Pelosi’s plan to lower costs is to place an outrageous tax on cures, and TJ Cox agrees! The bipartisan alternative Cox refused to consider would reduce prescription drug costs, allowing Americans to receive treatment they otherwise may have been unable to afford. However, unlike his socialist-led bill, it does not repress medical research.

We deserve a Representative who will stand up to Nancy Pelosi, work across the aisle, and bring actual healthcare cost relief to the Central Valley.

Rushi Panchal


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