I recall each of the previous five presidents requesting Congress address the flaws our immigration law exemplifies. Each appeal without exception has been ignored including President Trump's latest attempts. Even the most causal political observer has concluded Congress isn't about finding solutions or taking action unless it means termination; then, it is done using every distraction or pretense imaginable. Like to suggest taking a look at the second sentence of Article I, Section 6, paragraph I of the Constitution as it gives us a clue how evasion of responsibility is accomplished: "They shall in all cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of Peace be privileged from arrest..."I find the words "Felony" and "Breach of Peace" to be particularly noteworthy in light of the venomous speech currently emanating from Congressional members--accusing those charged with enforcing written law--of abdicating their duty as well as declaring unsubstantiated heresy to be truth. A focus on those four words is revealing. Declaring "Trump is not my President." by sitting members of Congress may not be a Breach of Peace. It certainly is an ideological statement or wishful thinking. These exhibitions excite the malcontented--some to the extreme--because they are nonsense.The Congressional Accountability Act of 1995, despite recent amendments is the perfect example of "conspiracy with intent to deny victims of sexual harassment due recourse. Requiring a 'voice vote' by both bodies also protected the guilty. Furthermore, using public funds to settle those personal disputes removed any doubt a felony was committed." Does anyone find it ironic many of the members now professing indignation when the President speaks the truth about their colleagues are the same individuals involved in the aforementioned collusion?

Jim Withycombe


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