We are writing this letter in support of the Hanford Carnegie Museum. Our town and County of Kings history is at stake here! We have so few historic buildings left in Hanford because some people in power have decided that they must be torn down because they are old. Once they are gone, our town's history goes with it and so does the charm of this community. We applaud Patricia Dickerson and her dedicated Board of Directors who single handily work daily to keep the museum open and operating within their meager budget. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to their mission, but overwhelmed by the lack of support from our City of Hanford.

We believe the City of Hanford must change their tactics and instead of looking for all the ways "to address a few complaints" they should be looking for all the ways to help keep the doors open! The good people of this town look for what "could be" and direct their energy; talents and money toward helping our community thrive. We want to see our City Council and Hanford Planning Department hold meetings where the community is invited to brainstorm ways the City of Hanford can and should be helping the good folks of the Carnegie Museum and other non-profits that bring numerous folks form all over the Valley to Hanford. These people shop in our stores, eat in our restaurants and improve our economy. The city needs to take a positive approach to look for all the many opportunities they have to help this important piece of our town's history stay open and to thrive!

Cone on City of Hanford officials, we want to see that you care about our historical buildings and the good work that our non-profits provide out of the goodness of their hearts for our community. We need you to work with us to solve problems rather than dictate unnecessary hardships on one of our communities' most important historical organizations.

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Sincerely, Larry and Judy Wait


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