Since our local GSA, the North Fork Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency (NFKGSA), is in critical overdraft condition it and other GSAs in that condition should block the exportation of water from their boundaries.

Once LOCAL water leaves it's (GSA) jurisdiction we will have LOST control over this local water source. To allow local water sources to leave our GSA areas before eliminating the over drafted condition will be a serious oversight deficiency. Local GSA areas might reconsider this decision only if it is no longer in an overdraft condition.

In wet years when a lot of water is available, landowners in water districts or mutual water company stockholders should have water available in the canals at a low cost to promote the waters local usage and save the groundwater pumping for the dry years.

Just so you are aware and it should be noted that at the August 28 GSA workshop the LOWEST ADDITIONAL PER ACRE COST OPTION assessment (TAX) offered in the survey to those present was another $50 TAX per acre every year. Other survey options were at an even higher per acre TAX. Since the $50 per acre assessment was the lowest amount per acre survey option to choose from, naturally the majority of those present may have voted in favor of it, consequently this survey result should NOT be interpreted as landowners being in favor of additional $50 dollar per acre annual tax assessment.

They are considering to use a per acre assessment tax to construct artificial sinking basins and water storage projects. There are other less costly options that would encourage maximum consumption of surface water and other ways to sink more water in wet years.

Such as utilizing our existing local canal infrastructure, available farmland and natural river channel recharge options. There was NO mention of increased, longer duration usage of the natural channels and existing canal infrastructure we already pay to maintain and control.

Will these existing low cost options have priority to receive water before the new artificial recharge facilities?

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Another option to consider is to make water available as an alternate source to groundwater pumping, or (in-lieu recharge) which is 100% efficient, using existing facilities. All the water rights entitlement should remain tied to the land within the water districts as their boundaries were set at the successful conclusion of the 218 assessment election. The initial $10 PER ACRE 218 Tax Assessment Election created the GSA.

The water rights and entitlements were secured long ago by water district landowner ASSESSMENTS and the water rights should stay within their districts original boundaries tied to land that paid those assessments.

#1 Since the NFKGSA is in critical overdraft, no water should be exported from its boundaries until the overdraft is corrected.

#2 ALL surface water entitlements associated with the NFKGSA should be attached to specific parcels WITHIN the GSA to secure it for inclusion in resolving the overdraft.

#3 If a landowner chooses to move water to land outside of the KFKGSA that water should be subtracted from that parcel's conjunctive use (allocation or entitlement).

James Verboon


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