Letter to the Editor: Christmas trash

Letter to the Editor: Christmas trash

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Now that Christmas is over, I am still in shock over the amount of packaging and wrapping thrown away paper and boxes in the huge garbage cans just for our family - multiply that times all that families in this area, town, state, world. If any one has a solution of how we can minimize all of this, I would really be interested.

Some of us held a pow wow trying to come up with an answer to this (Christmas serious) environmental problem, and we thought everyone showing up with reversible pillowcases (or reusable large plastic white garbage bags) to put out unwrapped gifts in. It saves us hours becasue we don't have to wrap forever.

By hiding it in a pillow case (use it as you go - gift after gift) thus creating much less waste, just one load of wash for pillow cases - or just throw it in with rest of laundry weekly. We have just had a new preemie baby boy. I am 82 now and have seen such a change in our beautiful Earth in my life time. I'm saddened to see this perfect little guy come into "our downward spiral of pollution" It starts with each one of us to try and seriously try and recycle everything.

Does anyone else know different ways to help save "Our beautiful Mother Earth."

If so. I would like to know

Polly Davidson

P.S. Lets all be aware and work together! She is all we have got. You can't order a new Earth on Amazaon.

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