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This letter is in response to a Letter to the Editor written by the Kings County Republican Central Committee entitled “A Strong Candidate Needed.” I found the letter to contain statements that were wrong or outright lies. This letter is written purely to take issue that I, Dan Chin served as Francisco Ramirez’ Campaign Manager during his 2014 election.

This is a lie created by Mr. Ramirez to avoid responsibility for his actions. Mr. Ramirez has been investigated by the Kings County Grand Jury and continues to be investigated by the Fair Political Practices Commission of California for filing false and misleading campaign disclosure forms associated with his 2014 campaign.

I am disappointed in the Kings County Republican Central Committee for perpetuating this lie, one created to mislead the public. In the wake of the great scandal known as Watergate, the voters of California in the mid-1970s created the most comprehensive campaign reform act or campaign disclosure requirement that any state has ever created.

The act requires each candidate running for office to disclose who their financial supporters are, how much money they are collecting, and how they are spending these campaign donations. Mr. Ramirez is under investigation for lying and perjuring himself by his failure to properly disclose this information.

For the Kings County Republican Central Committee to perpetuate this lie is both disturbing and concerning. The Central Committee must be, at all times, above reproach. People look to the Central Committee for advice and guidance. They, above all other political groups, must be considered credible. When they participate in the dissemination of information that is known to be inaccurate or misleading it draws into question the credibility for anything they say.

The Kings County Republican Central Committee is made up of elected officials from throughout Kings County. They, of all people, should know how easy it is to verify any such accusation made by any politician.

I am not seeking a public apology for myself. What I'm looking for is an apology to the public for perpetuating this lie without doing their due diligence. I ask that they, by virtue of their office, stand up like the leaders they are supposed to be and acknowledge that they were wrong.

Dan Chin


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