Congressional non-productivity resides in Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi's lack of House leadership. The cellophane governance they provide (even blind Polyphemus could see through it) and trumped-up dud is a hollow shell where aimed. Mueller’s output failed. They didn’t heed.

Tax Restructure and Justice System overhaul, great. Seventy-Eight (78) cases of tinkering with existing laws and 400 Resolutions hardly qualifies as productive governance (Govtrak) when compared to prior Congresses. The people’s priority isn’t Resolutions renaming post offices and courthouses, personal tributes, commemorative coins and other trifles.

Where is productive 116th Congress legislation for prescription drug pricing, USMCA passage, federal debt, 5400 bridge repairs, veteran homelessness, disease revival, border terrorism? All stalled on an impeachment investigation.

Every lemming needs a leader. Even sheep need a scapegoat. Ancient Greeks used scapegoats (pharmakos) to mitigate diseases or feared disasters. Pelosi’s Lemmings need a scapegoat. Lead our Democrats from this Valley of Impeachment Death created for ‘at-risk’ office holders. Perhaps their open to a “Schiff” in perspective – send the court Jester elsewhere. Get to work!

Gary Smith 


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