Cassandra predicted Troy’s downfall. Her curse, she wasn’t believed. Troy’s destruction followed forthwith. The number of Californian’s relocating out of California to other U.S. areas isn’t dwindling. Moderates, Conservatives, Republican and Independents understand Cassandras’ curse – not being believed. Democrats need similar skepticism.

California’s voters receive continuous road and bridge maintenance promises. Sacramento fulfills its promise as roads receive cosmetic improvements or take forever to complete widening. If you haven’t noticed, the cosmetic slurry coating vs. actual repair’ on I-5 isn’t working. The holes underneath are pushing though rapidly and it isn’t even finished.

In the 1990’s Sacramento promised road and bridge improvements continent on a gas tax increase. Californians believed “Give the tax and it will happen.” Proposition 111 promised billions in improvements funded by 9 cent gas and 55 cent truck fees never happened. Roar forward to 2017; SB54 appears and SB1 enacts 12 cents on gas, 20 cents on diesel and increased vehicle registration to fund road and bridge repair. Sacramento, fearing blowback, swear no more broken promises, offering Proposition 69’s deceptively titled “Transportation Taxes and Fees Lockbox”. When did California’s Sacramento Government ever have a lockbox?

The misuse, misappropriation and diversion Sacramento ruthlessly enact to yank public road and highway funding for other purposes is staggering, not hard to find if searched out. Pollution delusion, Sanctuary Cities and “Climate Change” fantasized threats receive undue attention over real need for roads, bridges and pensions. CPUC directs PG&E’s fumble on power shutdown having previously directed PG&E into its current condition.

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Governor Newsom’s issues a September executive order redirecting gas tax money to fund railway systems and “special projects”. Why? Climate Change must be addressed. Repair or upgrades in Fresno County cancelled. CalTrans must address ‘Sea Rise’ threatening most Bay Area bridge approaches and the entire North Bay transportation system; planned projects don’t’ matter.

Nothing much has changed. All warnings about corruption and funds misuse are unheeded by state voters as Californian’s keep re-electing the same irresponsible politicians. Cassandra says welcome to the future. Disbelieve at your own risk.

Gary Smith


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