I sincerely applaud Britian's Ambassador for telling the truth about Trump. It seems that everyone around the World knows what an inept and dysfunctional administration he has. The true Conservatives, not what the media or Republicans call Conservatives are well aware of the facts of his absolute incompetence. Anyone should be able to listen to his garble and ridiculous statements and lies and corruption of known fact and know he is anything but what the Republican party seems to want to present him as. Do not even get me started on Kelley Anne Conway. People need to stop supporting such incompetence, do your due diligence and educate yourselves to the truth of the cheap con called Donald j. Trump. Decades of evidence and people from all professions in Government has sounded the alarm. You supporters have fallen for a huge con. Not one thing he says is fact, based on fact or could pass for truth. Learn soon. Read The Moscow Project, The Steele Dossier, The Mueller Report. Facts are verified in all three. Three separate documents, written by three separate groups of people, at three different times. All prove the same facts of his corruption. How can that be unless trump is lying to you and has done a trump con job on you? How can everyone be wrong except trump? Check your local libraries and read what some of the best Military and Professional Intelligence people and Lawyers, Prosecutors and true makers of American history say about him. Visit your local law library. Or you can google trump/criminal cases/lawsuits. Not as good as reading court cases, but plenty of proof of his criminal past and present.

Donna Cox

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