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In one short generation, we have changed from the Greatest Generation to the Greediest Generation. This has come about through our election of Congressmen and Senators that have loaded our future generations with a national debt of over $20 trillion with no end in sight. Both of the major political parties are to blame. Fiscal integrity has been thrown out and they have an addiction to spending without concern for the citizens left with the bill.

Now they are striving for a double whammy by attempting to pass a tax "reform" plan that will reduce revenue coming into the United States Treasury at the same time they are attempting to pass a spending plan that increases the spending in excess of the anticipated revenue. This is a recipe for disaster. Cut your personal income, increase your spending and see what happens to you. Our elected officials would be wise to understand when you have dug yourself into a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.

Once again a small group of legislators are working behind closed doors developing a Budget and Tax Reform plan without their fellow legislators or the public having any knowledge of the details until shortly before time to vote. What is the rush? Take your time and do it right. This lack of transparency if why our politicians have such low approval ratings.

Our elected officials cannot even balance the budget, but if they could find a way to not only balance the Budget but reduce spending an additional $500 billion per year it will take over 40 years to pay off the national debt. It will not be a painless process, but the sooner we take responsibility for the actions of our generation, the less painful it will be for future generations.

Please join me in contacting our Senators (Diane Feinstein & Kamala Harris) and our Congressman (David Valadao) and ask them to vote against any bill that will increase our national debt.

Thank you and may God Bless America,

Jim Maciel,


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