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Through the insistence of a friend, I reached out to Congressman Valadao’s office, hoping they could help with my son's desire to enlist in the Army.

I emailed his office on a Monday morning around 9 am., I detailed the situation and simply asked for advice. By 10:30 a.m. they responded with a request for me to call. I spoke to a wonderful lady who took down all my information and made an appointment for my son to contact them because he was over 18-years-old by now and he needed to make the request.

Within 14 days my son was set up for his appointment with Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) and was signed up for the Army within 21 days from the day I contacted Mr. Valadao’s office. I was amazed. This man took the time to obviously make an effort to help my son simply because we asked.

I never donated any money to him. I am not a friend, I am just a member of his community. Without Mr. Valadao’s assistance, I am sure my son’s military career would have never happened.

My son is now two weeks away from graduating Basic training and has a fantastic position as a Signal Support System Specialist 25 U once he completes his training after basic in Fort Gordon Georgia.

I have since learned what a strong supporter Mr. Valadao is of the NJROTC in Hanford as well as our veterans and service men and woman in our community and I just wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge him as a public servant and as a leader in our community and as a father to personally thank him for what he did for a kid that just wanted to serve his country but couldn’t get through the red tape without Mr. Valadao’s help. Thank you very much and God bless you and your family.

Maurice "Moe" Mock



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