I am glad Gary Smith brought up God I'm his last opinion. It shows Gary Smith I biased against people that don't believe in "God". He clearly head a biased towards all Muslims and antitheist. Anyone who has to ask who shut the power off doesn't know what they are talking about. PG&E shut off the power and Governor Newsom criticized them for it.

Gary Smith shows his ignorance by talking about burning material in the forest. I guess this conservatives idea is to cement all trees and bushes. Who needs oxygen right? What species breathes? In my first letter i stated how climate change I causing stronger winds and the most recent fires were caused by Diablo winds. Gary likes to find obscure quotes that a vague and give no clarity to the situation. It shows how ignorant Smith is when he compares Utah desert to California environment. Utah doesn't have mountains like CA that creates Diablo winds.

Donations to a campaign are common. He broke no rules. Republicans Politicians get donations from companies all the time. Smith talks about politicizing CA fires are he is the first one to bring up politics. Completely hypocrital. The donation money doesn't effect how Newsom performs his duty. After the fires he has been PG&E biggest critic.

Thanks for not bringing up video evidence of PG&E transformers. Thanks for not bringing up how you dispute CAL fires claims. I love when people avoid the evidence that proved them wrong in their first letter. I call a spade a spade.

Since you like to cite sources. Try this one

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Here is one stating that PG&E admits the their transformer malfunctioned near the origin point around the time the fire began

If you are going to quote articles you need to state the name of the article. Funny how a conservative would pay for Washington Post subscription. I couldn't read the article because I won't pay for Washington Post subscription.

Newsom is still PG&E biggest critic after the fires. He publicly criticized the company. It proves that the donation money had no effect on his job.

I guess with Gary Smith logic any Politicians accepting donations are corrupt. How much money did Trump receive from the NRA to get elected and push for no gun control? Can you say hypocrite? 

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