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Trump made history when elected President by the Electoral College. Back in 1953, a western movie called, "Shane" was made. This movie caught up to Trump, you could say. The scenes in the movie could be true today, while the facts today could fit the story-line of the movie, "Shane" back the.

This scene of the movie was modified to add impact to this tale.

Shane approaches Donald Trump and says to him, "So you're Donald Trump." Trump answers, "Yeah, what's my name mean to you Shane?"

Shane says. "I heard about you." Trump, smiling and expecting to hear grandiose and applauses from Shane, then answers, "What did you hear about me Shane?"

Shane then says, "I heard you're a low down Yankee liar."

The sledge hammer was brought down on Trump. And to this very day Trump continues to lie, and lie and lie. 

Richard B. Leon


Stirring the civil war bowl

Can you tell me why the Democrats keep lying? The Washington Democrats need to stop eating that bowl of spue every morning. It sounds like they want to start a civil war!

America great again at last, yea.

Ken Cartwright


Make America great no matter what side you are on

America this is truly anarchy, as a Vietnam veteran as my father was a veteran of World War II and my son is a veteran in the United States Army right now. It is truly outrageous for hoodlums and propaganda machines to rip down the Constitution what made United States great. Yes there was a war between indoor states in the South states. Yes there is casualties on both sides actually 620,000 Americans and Southerners died for what they believed in.

Yesterday was a unification at the end and we became the United States of America. As it should be as a veteran these kids have no clue what veterans go through and what monuments stand for did the action realize that the Statue of Liberty was erected with southern veterans from the Civil War. Is that going to be a target either way as an American it is truly outrageous.

Is Japan going to be the next target are they going to go over there and rip down all their monuments to their soldiers who fought against the United States of America? Soldiers who fight in wars are soldiers politics is a different story especially these days. None of these kids have a clue what patriotism is and truly are destructive and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 

Gerald McCarney, United States Vietnam veteran, an American


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