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All this commotion about wife-abuser Rod Porter and it's affect on the Trump WH has been taken off course. This should be seen as a major blow for Donald Trumps' ego.. This will tarnish Trump in a way he will not like.

The spotlight is away from this President, and he doesn't like this. His core supporters expect their man, Trump, to be the abuser to everyone, even ex-wives, Everyone is now talking and attention given to Rod Porter, completely ignoring Trump.

I understand Trump is not tweeting anymore, has gone complete silent. This must be totally devastating to him not to be the center of attention. Forget about John Kelly and when he first knew about the abuse by Rod Porter. This is not important. What's important is bringing Donald Trump back to his prime position,

I'm just concerned about how his core supporters will take all this in, They all must be totally devastated,

Richard B. Leon


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