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On March 21, 2013 the 113th Congress in its 1st Session introduced H. R. 1318. The purpose: to provide for evidence-based and promising practices related to juvenile delinquency and criminal street gang activity prevention and intervention to help build individual, family and community strength and resiliency to ensure that youth lead productive, safe, healthy, gang-free and law-abiding lives.

Sounds like a noble effort to me, but how was it implemented in one community? School administrators in collusion with senior police officials adjudicated criminal activity by ignoring existing law. This skewing of statistical data enabled the school district to qualify for additional federal funding.

Those efforts also produced unintended consequences: They perverted the very laws enacted to prevent a tragedy thereby enabling an individual with serious mental health issues to obtain a weapon and commit mayhem.

Meanwhile, the ignorant and duplicitous are at this moment parading around the country blaming an object instead of calling attention to the enablers of carnage.

James Withycombe


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