A former Hanford neighbor, Vince Correll, told me years ago, “Politics is a tough business.” From my experience, few would argue.

And yet, I have been drawn to “politics” my entire life. There are so many ways to engage in the formation of public policy....voting, walking precincts to encourage voter turnout, donating to a person or cause you believe in, raising money from others for the same, publishing Opinion pieces, speaking in public hearings, serving on public boards and commissions, being appointed to public office, studying issues, choosing “sides”, sharing your conclusions with others who are not as drawn to putting in the time, and are happy to hear and trust a thoughtfully-reasoned conclusion. I have been able to do all of those things in my 55 years. I’ve been fortunate and blessed.

So, having time to serve and a passion for Hanford, I stood for election to City Council last January and won, and again earlier this month and lost.

In a letter to the Editor published in these pages on November 24, it was alleged by an individual representing him/herself as “Alex De Roma of Hanford” that I had “underestimated” the voters of District D. I may have underestimated voter turnout from certain precincts based on historic voting patterns, but never the voters themselves. Big Difference! So many lies and mischaracterizations have been spread about me by people that wished to see me out of office....I will not let this one stand.

One of the neat things about serving on City Council is having opportunities to get to know people and help people. And while there are always exceptions, I have found District D folks to be as capable and as lovable and as dedicated to good as any I have met in my years living in Hanford, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Five Points, and elsewhere.

“Mr. De Roma”, out of respect for the thousands of individuals who liked the work I had been doing on the Council, and the more than 600 who voted for me to keep at it, I hope your letter marked the end of your unfair public criticism of their candidate. Let’s move on.

Diane Sharp


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