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Letter to the Editor: Wrap your brain around the Constitution

Letter to the Editor: Wrap your brain around the Constitution

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Editor's Note: This letter is in response to "Recent letters just parrot Trump," which ran Wednesday. 

Dear Chad:

It is said that when people mature, they become conservative because they have met Mr. FICA. The reality of “Big Government” actually hits them as to its cost, non-concern, lack of federalism, non-elected bureaucratic management and distance from any values held dear.

I suspect Trump finally got the message living with New York Democrats, moved to Florida like many fleeing New York, flipped to the other Party for election purposes and succeeded. Note that New York is a virtually bankrupt state (not unlike California’s unfunded liabilities hanging over citizens heads). President Jack Kennedy wouldn’t even be acceptable to the Democrat Party today…how sad!

I don’t know how to tell you this regarding your 4/22 "Recent Letters Just Parrot Trump”; but, most of my references come from books, documentaries, some validated media, or on-line information sources, even the Sentinel. Only Chad, as far as I know, seems to watch Fox for information which he never cites, only suggests as an empty argument. All media requires one to engage their “thinking cap” to discern truth from propaganda. Try it sometime!

I probably wouldn’t be so against Liberal (Progressive) Democrats if the current crop weren’t so Socialist-Communist leaning. There are quite a few Republicans in that same mindset for which I have no use either.

If you ever wrap your brain around the Constitution, Declaration and Federalist Papers, you might be able to see that. So long as you keep watching Fox, I doubt you’ll ever get the message.

Gary Smith


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