Indivisible is a radical group at the head of efforts to defund the police. They have gone as far as to say “police and law enforcement represent harm and terror.” Sadly, Indivisible is vilifying and threatening those who put their own lives on the line to serve their communities. Indivisible also actively supports TJ Cox’s campaign efforts.

In 2018, TJ Cox said he was “honored” to receive Indivisible’s endorsement and worked with the group to organize volunteers from the Bay Area to assist his campaign. TJ Cox has been able to count on their support for his 2020 campaign as well. Indivisible and their team are working with TJ Cox to text voters in the Central Valley every week, and TJ Cox has even accepted campaign donations from the organization.

As a law enforcement officer, safety and protection are always my top priority. I am deeply concerned that our Congressman TJ Cox is partnered with a group committed to hating my colleagues and I. Indivisible and TJ Cox are placing the priorities and extremist views of the radical left before the hard-working members of our local communities. The vast majority of the Central Valley from all political backgrounds rely on and support our great local Law Enforcement. TJ Cox has downright failed the Central Valley!

Kings County Deputy Sheriff's Association President,

Nate Ferrier


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