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Letter to the Editor: The racist BLM

Letter to the Editor: The racist BLM

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My mother is from Liberia Africa, my father, black man raised by a single mother in Newark NJ. I can trace my family heritage from slavery back to Africa then back to the states. I do not support the BLM movement. Yes, black people have suffered, some still struggle from past injustices. I cannot ignore there are still racists. I’m aware of the problems that plague Black Americans: higher mortality rates in pregnant black women, incarceration rates, higher risks of dying from stroke or diabetes; these are problems with solutions. Please don’t be fooled thinking the media or Biden cares. We can’t forget his “You ain’t black,” racist remark. 

I’ve seen signs “All lives matter when black lives matter.” I’m failing to see why black people need special treatment in this current era. 30 years ago, yes, but today we’re seeing black male and female astronauts, black president, black CEOs and congress members. Ben Carson, Niel deGrasse Tyson, Thomas Sowell, three of the country’s, possible world’s most intelligent minds, all black men. Black emulated celebrities, athletes getting paid millions.

The deaths of black people at the hands of cops occur. So do the deaths of people of other races. There are no riots (yet) for Mexicans killed by cops, blacks killed by black cops, white cops killed by blacks, blacks killing blacks. Black women make up less than 13% of US population but account for over 30% of the abortion in the country, no riots.

Media picks and chooses what stories to run. It's calculated. Election cycle, black vote needed, reinforce victimhood mentality, stir up race wars. I’m disappointed our Hanford Sentinel is running left leaning articles about this movement, creating a divide. Our police and community don't need this. Blacks are being used. It’s racist to claim our anger  justifies riots and  criminal behavior, making people hate us. We’re ignoring facts that blacks kill each other daily, blacks kill whites, cops die everyday. Justified peaceful Michigan protests against lockdowns were labeled “terrorists” while rioters are excused. Whites do not need to apologize. All lives matter!  

Jenna Stringer


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