I'm sure many readers here are familiar with this short story. A rich man on an island hunts humans for sport. If only it were to remain a short story. I've been browsing the paper, past articles and other letter submissions. I'm left to assume everyone is ignorant to the child and sex trafficking crisis.

I know it's not really a big deal to have convicted criminals and pedophiles released from prisons especially as children are vulnerable during these unlawful lockdowns. Not a big deal that the mask mandates makes it much easier for criminals to hold up stores and kidnap children, but let's focus our attention on BLM who promote rapists and destroy communities.

Let’s get serious. I've been patted on the head and patronized long enough. Serious attention is needed in addressing this crisis. Two attempted abductions in Hanford this past week. A local school's Zoom class was hacked by a pervert. This is just the beginning. Precious time was wasted on other distractions.

Our children are being left behind, not only in nutrition like another contributor mentioned, but in nearly every aspect of their lives. Academics and social development severely hindered. Depression and suicide rates were already high in our youth. With lockdowns, high risk children are being left with their abusers on a continuous basis. They're being targeted by, and exposed to, sexual predators who are allowed free while innocent people are expected to remain indoors.

I'm brainstorming with family, friends, and my neighborhood as to how to best combat this threat to our safety. I’ve spoken with the Lemoore PD as well as the Fresno Chaffee Zoo security.  Many in our community are truly unaware of some of the dangers. We need to bring urgent awareness to this crisis and enact preventative tactics, now before this really does become the most dangerous game. If you have any ideas, contact me.

Jenna Stringer


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