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Letter to the Editor: Out with "RedSkins"

Letter to the Editor: Out with "RedSkins"

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I am highly offended by the racially charged name - the Washington Redskins. One could argue a professional football team named after Native Americans would exalt them as warriors. No, we must be careful not to offend. So, in the spirit of political correctness and courteousness, I suggest the following changes:

Let’s drop names life (Kansas City) Chiefs, (Atlanta) Braves and (Cleveland) Indians. We also need to honor skin color and rid ourselves of (Cleveland) Browns. Not the ignore the obvious, the Carolina Panthers celebrates the memory of 60’s militants.

The New York Yankees referencing a tragic war costing 600,000 young men's lives is offensive. Not un-noticed, latent references to tainted priesthoods is total inappropriate team names, i.e. (New Orleans) Saints, (Los Angeles) Angels or (San Diego) Padres.

Team names that glorify criminals who raped and pillaged are equally offensive. (Oakland) Raiders, (Minnesota) Vikings, (Tampa Bay) Buccaneers and (Pittsburgh) Pirates! So long as we address “wrong message teams” there should be no overlooking the (San Diego) Chargers which promotes irresponsible fighting and spending habits. Are we not to eliminate obesity references in the (New York/San Francisco) Giants as a childhood epidemic addressed in our major cities? Leave us not stay with a wrong child message in promoting Cincinnati Reds, i.e. ‘downers and barbiturates’; will they not think “opioids” somewhere there also?

Last, but not least, beer promotion is wrong-headed for our children. The (Milwaukee) Brewers is a name that has to go.

So, we need to support any legislation that rectifies these naming travesties and government is the only source to “make things right”.

I rest my case for political correctness and offer that we should re-name the “Redskins” to the slang name for “Prepuces" as it better represents Washington DC irresponsible governance.

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