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Letter to the Editor: City pushing profits over lives

Letter to the Editor: City pushing profits over lives

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The City of Hanford employees are a complete joke. Even when being assertive and calling the right department addressing concerns with laws being violated is met with deaf ears.

Six months ago I contacted Armando Da Silva the supervisor of Parks and Recreation Department about cars driving on grass inside city parks. He told me directly this was not allowed and this will be enforced. A few weeks later I read the City would be posting signs and enforcing this law. Lone behold six months later when summer arrives the Thursday Night Marketplace gets a free pass. Some decision was made to have Thursday Night Marketplace only in the Civic Park and now their are dozens of vehicles parked on the grass. On June 25th I seen a huge van from Gorilla Quesadilla based in Visalia on the grass. The City employees know the rules and are not enforcing these rules. Allowing Hanford's grass in parks to be destroyed and plumbing infrastructure underground to be damaged.

In March I notified Hanford Police Department about Hop Forged Brewery violating state law by selling alcohol without also serving food during the stay at home pandemic order. I was given many excuses from Chief Sever and when I found falseness in all those excuses. The chief admitted they wouldn't enforce the state order on this business. He stated writing fines and citations are subjective and cops get to make the call if they will cute anyone or not. Hanford Police Department made it clear they make their own rules and only enforce the laws they agree with.

It's easy to see the mindset of city and county employees by going to the local law enforcement union pages on Facebook. Like Kings County Deputy Sheriff Association page on Facebook ran by Nate Ferrier. They continuously act insult and attack any democratic politician they agree with. The continually try to push their Republican agenda putting businesses and profits over citizens health and PEOPLE'S lives!

Chad Draxler


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