If you really, truly, want to succeed in business in a small town. I rarely go into the boutiques in town. I can’t afford $40 to $60 for a simple T-shirt because it has been bedazzled or is leopard print. The boutiques are more geared towards tourists than everyday local consumers. They don’t have just a simple solid color, or at least not a simple shirt for a simple price. What little they do have is at boutique or tourist prices. It’s not necessarily going to be affordable to buy a whole wardrobe for a child’s next year of school. Also, they are very limited in sizes and styles.

There is not a store in town that I could just go buy a simple T-shirt, a pair of jeans and a nice pair of shoes in, especially if you have a boy.

I’ll be honest. I’m tired of people trying to shove the boutiques down my throat because we have to ‘support local business.’ I would happily support local business when they become more daily accessible for the community. How many bedazzled or leopard print shirt can one girl own? And then the local merchants get upset with the community for not supporting them because we don’t want what they’re selling.

When I’m school shopping, I would rather be able to afford 10 cute little blouses, a few pairs of pants, and a couple pairs of shoes, along with socks and underthings, as opposed to just a few expensive blouses.

Occasionally, I’ll buy one of the cute little blouses(on sale), but more often than not, we’re just looking for something simple like that little black shirt for school, or a little pink shirt to match her new shoes, or some simple new tennis shoes that are cute.

Now, if I have a few days to wait, I shop online. If I need it now, I go to Hanford or Selma.

For those people that occasionally come on here asking how a new boutique store would do because they want to put yet another one in, again, I strongly encourage you to listen to us. We are the everyday, local consumers.

When you cater to tourists, you have very little business, but if you are really truly listening, there are many of us telling you to please cater to us, the local everyday consumer. Most of us consumers have a budget, very few are loaded, so catering to those will limit you as well.

It doesn’t have to be Target, or Kmart, but an everyday, affordable variety that does carry everyday name brands, as well as quality generic, would be awesome.

Thank you for hopefully listening.

Ginger Selsor,


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