Our chief of police has been coming under fire for crime in our city, but should he be the only one to blame?

I wonder, what if the original Measure S promise of an increased police presence in our neighborhoods and funding to fight gangs and drugs were kept, how different would it be? Is the chief to be blamed for the promises that were not kept to us? Of course not.

How about the excuse that there is no money for more police patrols? Didn't these guys create a new position for around $190,000 for two years to an ex-city manager they voted out? How did they have money for that? How many extra police patrols could we have had with that money?

Also, some council members are talking negative about the new police station, but ALL five council members voted to put Measure P for the new police station on the ballot, didn’t they?

Lastly, I don't see how the chief and NOT the council can be the only one that fingers are being pointed at.

Concerned Citizen,

Roger Orosco

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