OPED: AB290 Bill would devastate families

Ana Ibarra from Hanford

When my kidneys failed, I never imagined how much more suffering I would have to endure. In addition to undergoing dialysis three days a week, it’s also been a struggle because of the dialysis industry’s resistance to reform.

That’s why I need to respond to recent, misleading articles about legislation designed to protect dialysis patients and their access to financial assistance (June 13, “Despite Years of Public Service to California, Legislature Considers Bill That Would Devastate my Family,” and June 19, “AB 290 Legislation impacts low-income dialysis patients”).

The two largest dialysis corporations, DaVita and Fresenius, made a combined $3.4 billion from their dialysis operations in the United States last year – and control more than 70 percent of the market in California. As part of their business model, they are on a never-ending search for new revenue streams.

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