We need to keep air quality in mind when we plan for new recreation facilities for adults and especially for kids.

Air quality here has been atrocious this year. Smoke from the fires to the north, then the south and now the Central Coast all seems to wind up here, caught in the curve of the Sierra. 

Day after day we've had red flags and warnings that the air is unhealthy for everyone - not just those who have illnesses that are worsened by bad air - has been the norm. A thick haze has hung over the valley, showing us just how bad the air is.

Everyone seems to be coughing. And coughing. 

The bit of rain this week has helped clear it out a bit. We can hope high pressure doesn't settle over the Valley again and the air can stay a bit better.

We've dealt with poor air quality for years, but with the uptick in fires, it's getting worse.

We are told to get out and exercise to prolong our lives. Adults do have the option of a gym for indoor exercise, but what about kids?

We're told to get the kids off the couch and away from digital devices so they can burn energy, avoid obesity and have some muscle tone.

But do we want our children breathing in huge gulps of unhealthy air while they run around outside?

Lemoore had the right idea with its indoor rec building on Cinnamon Drive. All sorts of sports, games and activities can be played without worry about what the air is doing to youngsters' lungs. 

Hanford has talked about something similar, and needs to move from talk to action on getting an indoor recreation facility up and running.

It's a sad thing that we need to think about moving more of our recreation indoors. But if we really want ourselves and our children to be healthy, we need viable options for at least some of our sports and activities. 

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